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Do you need a visa to visit South Africa from India ?

The answer is yes! You can’t enter in South Africa without valid VISA! If you do so, it counts a severe offence, and you may charge for a serious offense and jailed or departed for invalid entry in South Africa. Moreover to entre in South Africa, you need to apply for a visa in different categories. From India, you can apply for a visa in 10 different ways

Critical Skills Work Visa

Issued to applicants in ownership of excellent skills or qualifications that are uncommon in South Africa.

General Work Visa

The visa issued to all Indians with general educations intending to work in South Africa.

Business Visa

Indians who are planning to establish or invest in a business in South Africa in which they may employ.

Study Visa

Issued to Indians intending to pursuing study in South Africa. You can’t work duration of study visa.

Treaty Visa

Granted to Indians conducting activities in South Africa regarding a global agreement to which South Africa is a party.

Relative's Visa

Issued to relatives of South African citizens or residents meaning to move to South Africa and take up permanent residence.

Medical Visa

Indians who are planning to visit South Africa for severe medical treatment.

Retired Person's Visa

Issued to seniors intending to live in South Africa only for incomplete or seasonal periods during the rationality of the permit.

  Intra-Company Transfer Work Visa

Issued to Indian being transferred to my own company which is an affiliate company in South Africa.

Corporate Visa

Released by Department of Corporate South Africa. A corporate applicant is distinct as a juristic person recognized under the laws of South Africa as a corporation to employ foreigners to conduct work for such applicant.

You can apply the above mention categories Visa for South Africa. Immigration law of South Africa is becoming strict day by day, so never try to do any illegal thing. In the case of unlawful entry, you may be banned for entry in South Africa forever. If you need any help regarding specific via category, then you can connect to Else Visa. We are South Africa immigration advisor which offer free advisory services for the Asian countries, especially for Indian. Feel free to discuss your visa queries with us.

Corporate Visa
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